What Give You Some Relief?


Ok so I thought it would be fun to share what helps you with neausea morning sickness no appetite. Ok so this is my second pregnancy and with my first I didn't really buy or try anything.. this go around I have tried preggie pops or whatever they are called I didn't like the ginger ones I got they burned my throat I'll give them a second go around tho. What has work is this aromatherapy inhaler called Nausea and Tummy it has Ginger peppermint and orange in it! I love it.. Also cold water with lemon is great a weird one is cough drops! I had them laying around from a sore throat I ate it and it comes my stomach.. weird I know. Also a warm bath. Also with my son everyone said before getting out of bed eat a soda cracker never did it but this go around and it helps a little! What helps you?