Engagement ring was stolen and...

Yazzzy • 22 | engaged 💍

So a few weeks back my engagement ring was stolen at a gas station. I was on my way to Zales to resize my ring but stopped to get gas and I put my ring into my bag until I got to zales since it was big I didn’t wanna wear it. So this lady standing very very close me saw the ring while I took out my card to pay and took my ring!!!! I didn’t even notice. I got to zales and BAM no ring. I was so devastated. I checked my entire car and nothing. I retraced my steps and ended up back at the gas station. The manger was nice enough to show me the security camera and we got to see the lady take my ring. I reported it to the police and they are doing an investigation. But they said I most likely will not get my ring back because it’s been weeks and she probably sold it by now.

I been upset these past weeks because my ring was so special to me. My fiancé being the loving and caring man that he is told me that it’s a “materialistic thing and it can be replaced”. But still I was upset. So today out of the blue he comes home with a new engagement ring and says “it’s bigger and better because you deserve it” ! 😭 what did I ever do to deserve such a loving man!

This is my old engagement ring I got in January 2018 the one that got stolen 😞

This is my new ring that I got today!

I learned a few things from this experience

1. Things happen

2. Be aware of your surroundings

3. Do not ever put your ring in your bag or anywhere visible

4. My fiancé is absolutely amazing

5. Don’t be so bummed out because materialistic things can be replaced