Brooklyn • Great minds think alone.

I’m not trying for pregnancy, also I’m not expecting myself to be, but in this case it seems to be. I’m supposed to be starting my period today so we shall see what happens, a few months ago I got off of the shot and figured I’d been on it for around a year and I figured you know my boyfriend could maybe cum inside me a few last times ( after I had quit the shot) because women were saying it took a few extra months for it to be out of your system. Well that was a few odd weeks ago and I’ve been having mood swings and back pain like never before. It could be due to the shot, or due to my “period” but then again, my period is generally just spotting due to the shot. The last shot I was supposed to get was in Jan. I just did a DIY sugar + urine test and it clumped up and did not dissolve, someone anyone if you have comments please comment I’m about to do another sugar + urine test