smoking weed while pregnant?

thoughts on this topic?

before you guys start commenting, I just want to say that I have talk to professional in Las Vegas and Cali n colorado. and researched all that I can on smoking weed while pregnant. I have read nothing but amazing things. the Drs and therapists that I have talked to told me that if I lived there they would prescribe medical marijuana to. I don't eat I don't sleep I have depression and anxiety. so smoking for me has been the best. I have been gaining weight. I lost 15 lbs in just the first 2 weeks of finding out I'm expecting. I DID slow down ALOT!

I know when you Google you see all of well there is not enough evidence to call it safe or w.e. but I talked to who I needed to first n then I looked online. With my second I couldn't keep nothing down! turns out the gave me an anti throw up meds THAT HARMS THE BABY! I delivered her at 34 weeks. with nothing but problems.

so my personal choice I will hit the bowl before taking pills.

and yes CPS could get called on you. I have talked to my OB n she's fine with it.

but that's my input I can't wait to see what you ladies think.