Mr. “nice” guy

Bridabratt • 💋 thick thighs,thin patience 💋 @bridabrattt

I can’t stand guys who rant & rave & complain about how they’re “nice guys” and still dont have a gf or can’t stay in a relationship.

Like, I’m sorry but it takes a lot more than being nice for someone to want to be with/stay with you. Just because you’re “nice”, doesn’t mean we’re going to have a connection & get along well in the relationship. Not only that but , you’re SUPPOSED to be nice , you think I owe you a date because of that ? Boy boo

Oh & then there’s those guys who like to say “how do you know you won’t like me after we’re dating?” & I can agree, to a certain extent. But with every relationship it starts off with some type of attraction. Something drew you to them or them to you. Whether it be looks , interests , humor, etc. if we’ve been talking/texting for a week & all I can conclude is that you’re “nice” , yeah... nope. I’m not a fan of wasting time & if I know I’m not into you , I’d rather not go there.

Another problem with these so called “nice guys” is that they’re not even actually nice 🙄. They’re nice until they get what they want , then they rip off their wings & halo & reveal they’re demon horns (I’ve dated self proclaimed “nice guys”,If you can’t tell). They’re also typically just nice to the girls they want, not just a nice person in general.

Im almost done with my rant , just one more point lol.

A lot of self proclaimed nice guys I’ve seen go for the WORST of our species. I’m talking girls who lie & cheat & will go out to a party , get a train ran on them , then go home to kiss their man in the mouth. The type of girls who will stay with the guy just to reap the benefits of being with him. Just disgusting ass bitches. And then the guys want to look at all women as the same, no you’re just dumb & have terrible judgement

Of course of course , they’re not mind readers, but there are always red flags . WATCH FOR THEM. If your girl was dating two guys at the same time before you , do you think you being nice is going to stop her from dogging you too ? Don’t be so stupid to fall blindly in love and not think of the possibility that they will drop you. Right on the ass.

Anywho ,I saw a rant on snap about this & it always annoys me bc I used to feel guilty about not giving some guys any play. But then I realized , I don’t have to feel bad for not wasting my time , who knows how much time God gave me ? Not only that but why play with someone else’s future husband? I know I’m not going to marry you so I’m not gonna fuck around and waste precious time when MY future husband is out there.

Honestly , would you rather me waste your time or let you find someone who will love you the right way ?