Is it weird that I want to hide my crazy hair?

The other night I was at my boyfriend's place. We were just relaxing. I had my hair in a hair bow at first but he took it out. My hair needed to be washed (have since washed it lol) and wasn't looking all that neat. His friend called and said he was coming over. I told my boyfriend I was going to put my hair back up. He got so mad. Asked me why. I told him I'm not comfortable with just anyone seeing my hair messy. If I go anywhere I would put it up so if your friend is coming over I want to put it up so I could feel more comfortable. He didn't understand at all. He was so mad. It's not like I was doing anything special to it just putting it back in the hair bow. He took it like I was trying to look nice for his friend which was not the case at all.

He then said that I should just go to the room when his friend comes over and they'll hang out alone instead of all of us hanging out. I was crying at this point and went to the room. He came and got me out the room eventually. But I just left my hair down even though I didn't want to.