I'm in a dilemma

my boyfriend and I are virgins, I am a virgin for reasons that have yet to be resolved (as in a doctor visit is needed). well... today we got into a discussion and he says he's running impatient on waiting to have sex with me and kind of wants to have sex with someone else. I understand his point of view, but at the same time I kind of wished he weren't only thinking of himself. I've told him this, that he's being self centered and only thinking about slipping his dick into someone. he said that he is being self centered but everyone is, some more than others. I can't help that I'm unable to have sex, it's not my fault it fucking hurts each time I try but at the same time it's kinda like I have no support. he's urging me to get it fixed, but with what money? he says sex is an important part of a relationship and his horniness is important as well. am I wrong for bring upset? do I even have a right to be upset?