How can I orgasm?

I have never masturbated before, and only became sexually active about four months ago. Throughout that time I (and my boyfriend) have been doing research and trying to figure out how to get me to reach. I felt close once, but it still didn’t happen. We feel like we’ve tried everything (at least from what we have read) and are getting frustrated. I don’t get pleasure from touching myself (my boyfriend tells me masturbation may help) so other than that, does anyone know any tips to help me reach? I’m debating getting a vibrator, could that help? I also believe I’m overthinking and too much in my head, any tips to help with that? Or is it possible I just can’t finish?

Please help a desperate and sexually frustrated girl out 😂

(Since I would like to remain anonymous I won’t respond to any comments, but thank you in advance and I’ll update if I ever manage to reach!💗💗)


Pretty sure I orgasmed this weekend! 🙊 I’m not totally sure, but it felt amazing! I didn’t buy any toys or anything, my boyfriend got me there on his own! I am pretty happy, and now I’m even more excited to keep learning about my body and everything. Thank you all for you’re comments, and if you’re wondering how it happened it was simply from communication, both of us being very turned on, and (warning TMI) him going down on me. He had gone down on me many times before, but this time I guided him more than normal and now he knows what to do!

Ladies communication and patience is key!! It can be frustrating to not be able to orgasm, but just enjoy sex as it is and don’t focus so much on it! With or without orgasm you should be enjoying yourself! If your partner does something you like, tell them! Trust me it will be worth it!