Are all car seats basically the same?

AnnaMarie • I`m AnnaMarie. Married 10/14/2017, and our son was born 7/20/2018. 💙

First time mom here, almost 22 weeks. We have one car seat already, but that’s going to be kind of like the secondary car seat that the baby won’t be in as much, as it will be in my husband’s car. I’m just looking for advice because I’m kind of worried. I know that all car seats have to meet certain standards and that those standards mean they’re safe if used properly. But I also know that other, more expensive car seats, will have more features that can make them even MORE safe. I just want to know if all these features I could pay extra for are actually worth it. Obviously, my child’s safety is my first priority. But I’m a little skeptical of if these added features actually make a difference, or if they’re kind of just taking advantage of anxious moms (like me) and upcharging for features that don’t really do anything. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Note: I have the Graco Extend to Fit car seat on our registry, because I know rear facing is best, and I want to be able to rear face for as long as possible. But if you ladies have any other suggestions, or experiences with this car seat, please let me know!