Engaged 💍

Haylee • TTC for baby number one 👶🏻💕 Godmother to 3 little blessings.

On March 4th I got engaged to my best friend at the Zoo.

Now let’s rewind, I’ve been having trouble starting my period & ovulating on my own for months because I was recently diagnosed with insulin resistance.

The whole time, I kept telling him, “what if God is waiting for us to get engaged or married before we have a baby?”

Now lets fast forward, yesterday I started my period on my own. Most females would be devastated, but I’m so excited because that means my Metformin is working & I can (hopefully) start ovulating on my own again!

I’ve prayed for my period to come by itself & now I’m praying so hard again for a baby. Please send me some baby dust! I have good feelings that it’ll happen soon! 💕

I’m sending baby dust to all!