HELP! C-Section wound not healed - 5 weeks


I’m 5 weeks PP and have an opening about 1cm wide on the right of my incision with a small piece of dissolvable stitch coming out. The midwife at my discharge appointment (3 weeks ago) said this was normal and just to keep it clean so it doesn’t become infected, also to take baths with lavender oil & milk which I have been doing. But it still hasn’t healed! Just as I think it’s closing up it will tear open again and it’s so painful. Ive tried steristrips but these just pinged off because of the position of the cut. I don’t feel I’m over exerting myself, I’m just feeding & carrying LO and doing light household chores likes putting a wash in. Has anyone else had the same? Should it be healed by now? Or do I need to go back to the hospital?