FWB to Boyfriend, opinions needed.

So for 2 years I've been with the same guy. the first year, we had no title. the second one, we do. my question is, is the fact he spoke and flirted with other women during the first year, before being commited to me, considered cheating? it actually really bothers me considering he hid it from me instead of being honest. we agreed to only mess around with one an other and no one else. now that we are actually together, I have no concerns. but the "what are we" stage was difficult and he wasn't necessarily loyal. some days I have a hard time getting past that. it would of been different if he told me about the other girls. *EDIT, FWB is the best way i could describe how it was. I'm pretty sure I specified we agreed it would stay between US only. Fuck some of you need to read lol.