Baby Girl Take Home Outfits


So awhile back I saved a bunch of adorable take home outfits for both boys and girls through as I didn't know what I was having, BUT I just found out I will be having a little boy so all of the girl outfits I wouldn't need. I was going to delete the saved outfits but figured I should share them with other mommies expecting little princesses instead. Etsy has a bunch of cute stuff if these outfits aren't for you and I switched to Etsy from Amazon for outfits like this because I could customize my babies blankets, hats, etc. I'm super new to posting in <a href="">Nurture</a> so I apologize if I didn't format or even post this right but I listed the links below and included some photos. Hopefully the post is at least kinda helpful. I will try and make a separate post for baby boy take home outfits too. Congrats to all! 1. Hello World Outfit:

2.Brand Sparkling New Outfit:

3. And So The Adventure Begins:

*I am not affiliated with these sellers in any way. Just thought these outfits were cute and wanted to share. *