BFP after long term TTC and 2 mc's

Hello all! Just wanted to share my story with others. Had a MMC Jan 2012 (10 weeks) after a surprise pregnancy- we weren't TTC. Obviously after that we were desperate to get back there again and after what seemed like forever, got a BFP after 9 months but started bleeding the same day. This was an early mc. Since then (16 months) we have Ben TTC and have been under the NHS for unexplained infertility. During this time I've watched my sister, best friend and work colleagues have babies and at times have felt really depressed. This was my 5th month of clomid and am on a waiting list for injectible hormones and <a href="">iUi</a>. Can't believe that yesterday (11dpo) I got a bfp! Took a digi this morning and it says 1-2 weeks. I know it's early days but I really hope this our time.
​Wanted to share things that I did differently this month, just in case it helps anyone in a similar situation. I made sure I had at least 1 piece of fruit a day (I'm not a fruit fan). I lost 4lb although I've never been overweight. I took a multivitamin plus vitamin e and b6. I took evening prinrose oil up until ovulation. I took an omega 3 fish oil capsule daily. I listened to a relaxation and visualisation cd (Zita West) at least 3 times a week. I did one session of Reiki for the first time. Finally, I used Glow for the first time!
​Good luck to everybody on their journeys. TTC can be so hard.