Real Estate Agents

Nova • 24 Years Old. 2 1/2 yr old Daughter.

So I'm interested in entering the real-estate world... I'm really interested in it and have been for a while, but I keep turning away from it because everyone I tell that I want to do it tells me it's a horrible job and I won't make any money.

Well I know the market is turning up and I don't really care for making "a ton" of money anyway, it's not like I plan on selling multi-million dollar houses. I was just wondering if you like being a real estate agent and how does it work with time consumption? (because I'm going to have a baby soon I want to be able to have a couple/few days a week to just be with her). I know it's part time but you can really put full time hours in if you really work for it... just wanting to know a little more about the real estate world lol.