5 days late on my otherwise regular period, but all tests negative


Okay so, I had a miscarriage in March 2017. I had the surgery and got back on birth control and shortly after (just how it happened) got with my current BF. I felt like my hormones had never gotten the chance to chill out from pregnancy to no pregnancy and back on BC, i wanted to give them a break so i got off BC in like September and have been tracking my periods since, so starting with October’s period. Since then my cycles have been around 30 days, last month was 32 but...I’m now on day 38??? I’ve had some typical PMS/early pregnancy symptoms (cramping, appetite, mood swings, HELLA fatigue) and more intense cravings than usual PMS ones. All my tests (AccuMed from Amazon and Assured from Dollar Tree) have been negative though. My bf hasn’t came in me, but we don’t use condoms, only pull out. Last pregnancy, my dollar tree test told me at like 5w1d and it’s been about that same time since my LMP this round but still negatives. I pee a LOT tho (at all times no matter if preg or not) and I’ve only taken a couple FMU tests, so maybe my urine is always diluted? What do y’all think? I’ve tested nearly every day it’s getting frustrating. I just want to know bc i don’t wanna tell my bf unless it’s for sure.