Here we go!🤞🏼


We are pulling out all the stops right now! My husband had his swimmers tested and it came back great. Then I have had many tests to check my tubes, eggs, uterus etc and they can’t seem to find anything explanation why were not getting pregnant. So my doctor has put me on Clomid (fertility drug), I’m taking prenatals, we’re using preseed, and bought the best fertility monitor possible. I’ve been testing for a few days and have already finished my meds. Today I got a peak!!!! I’m praying that it happens for us! 🤞🏼 BABY DUST! 👶🏼

My monitor says it’s day 10 for me but it’s actually day 15. I didn’t realize I had to start cycle on days 1-4 on this monitor so I started the cycle late but read it still tests Acurate.