Boyfriend will not help

Since becoming pregnant our place has become a DISASTER. I've been so sick all the time, and he does not lift a finger. I keep asking him to help and he goes "yes baby of course" and then nothing happens!! Sunday was his day off, I worked. I asked him to please clean up a little he goes "but I thought the both of were going to clean on Monday?" Im like yeah, but please make a dent today. He's like okay. On my way out the door our puppy pees on the floor right in front of him. I ask him to please clean it up, he's like yeah. I come home 13 hours later, after a very long day of work. Everything is exactly as I left it except with a. Few extra beer bottles laying around. I let it go, whatever. I ask if he at least cleaned up the dog pee, he says yeah. NO HE DID NOT I SEE THE YELLOW STAIN ON THE CERAMIC HOW DUMB DO YOU THINK I AM?? I get angry, but let it go. I'm too tired to argue. The next day is both of our day off, but I have my doctors apppiuntment in the morning and then I grabbed lunch with my best friend. We end up taking a while and I don't get back until about 5 pm. I come home and NOTHING HAS CHANGED. He's been waiting the entire day for me to come home to clean with him 🙄I'm tired, I'm nauseous. I need to nap. He says okay baby I'll clean you stay on the couch. Yet he just keeps wandering around not doing anything at all. Next you know it's 930 at night and literally nothing has changed, he actually made a bigger mess looking for some

Audio cord and then left ALL THE OTHER CORDS ON THE FLOOR. He then proceeds to sit on the couch and start talking on some stupid puppy support Facebook group. By then I get a wind of energy and get up and just start yellin and shuffling around cleaning my damn self. He's like what's wrong? I'm like are you kidding me??? He's like "I told you I'm going to clean the kitchen" like okay!! What about the rest of the apartment?? Have you seen or amelt it? And furthermore it's 930 and you still haven't started the kitchen and you're not going to clean it. He goes "yes I am" I'm like oh okay let's see it. So he does go and finally start cleaning it a little, but by 10 he comes and joins me on the couch and never gets back up. I go in the kitchen it is STILL A DISASTER only the dishwasher is filled and ready to be cleaned, but instead of taking 10 seconds to put in detergent and start it he left it open?? I went ahead and started the dishwasher but look at this!!!