Has anyone else felt this way?


So ive been with my boyfriend for a few months now and he wants me to start meeting his friends. (Sounds promising right?) and 95% of his friends are girls that he has been into/dated. Now im not the jealous type and i dont care that he has had flings with these girls (he’s obviously with me for a reason) but i just dont feel like its necessary to meet these girls ? Ive never been a fan of being forced to get along with people i dont know and i feel like it would be awkward hanging out with him and one of his friends? He talks with her all the time on the phone when im with him and yesterday on the phone she said “wait are you with her right now?” And he said yeah and all she said was “oh god I should’ve known” and maybe its just her voice but she sounded annoyed that i was always with him when she called but i dont know how to take it? has anyone else ever felt like this? Any suggestions as to what i should do? Am i just being bitchy and should be grateful that he wants me to meet his friends?

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