Is this normal??


I have a boy (6months) second baby. He was six weeks premature and weighed 4lbs.

He is CONSTANTLY hungry. It’s getting ridiculous lol. This is what he eats on a daily basis.

8.00am 210ml of milk

9.30am One whole wetabix

12.00am 210ml of milk

13.00pm two potatoes one whole carrot.

15.00pm 210ml of milk

17.00pm a whole bowl of homemade soup.

18.00pm 210ml of milk

19.00pm a full bowl of porridge

21.00pm 210ml of milk

23.00 wants food again and screams blue murder if I don’t give him it. Usually eats another full bowl of porridge.

03.00am 210ml of milk

I do not remember my daughter eating that much. She’s almost 7 and still doesn’t eat that ha! He’s one stone 3lbs now too.

Is this about right for a baby this age? Any advice? He doesn’t nap very much in the day either.