Time on Birth Control

Sabrina • 💕🥰In love with my best friend🥰💕

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen!

I was looking for some advice on birth control. So in January of 2019 I will have been on the birth control pill for 10 years... started it when I was about 14, was not sexually actively until just before I turned 16. I am currently 23 years of age.

I just wanted some information on anyone who has been on birth control long term. I didn’t want to go past 10 years of being on it. What are your experiences? When did you decide to stop?

I am looking into to stopping after my 24 birthday, in fears of long term effects, and K am prepared for if I get pregnant so that is not an issue. Is there anything other than pregnancy I may experience?

Also... how do you ladies remember to log every day since that is definitely gonna have to be a thing in my daily routine now lol!!!

Thanks in advance!