What's going on with my body!?!?

Beth • Newlywed with 7 and 2 year old girls .. trying for #3
Ugh!!! Just ugh!! Okay so 6-10 dpo I got positive tests that turned negative. Went to dr had a ton of blood work done. All came back good. I had a chemical last month and they said this month too. I had blood work drawn last Friday for HCG and progesterone and it was all normal and not pregnant. I'm a week late for my period and have EWCM. I am scheduled to have a cyroplasty (biopsy of cervix) next week to test for cancer because I have an abnormal pap and a high risk strain of HPV. I don't even know what's going on. I just wish my period would start or something.. I was supposed to start the 11th. My HCG taken last Monday was 4 and my HCG taken Friday was less than 1. Seriously- has anyone ever been in this situation?