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So this week is my fertile week and today is my “most fertile day” and yet again my SO passed the hell out and nothing for me. It has been days since the last time we have been intimate. I am getting incredibly sexually frustrated. At the same time though I feel like an asshole for feeling grouchy about him being tired because he is in the army and works incredibly hard. Treats me like a queen. He is also about to go away for a month so he has been working extra hard lately. THEN when he gets back from that month long training he will only be home for like a week and leave for a few more months. I’m just like DANGGGGG I want him naked as long as I can have him naked since he will be gone for a couple months starting Saturday and every night as soon as he gets in bed he is snoring. Like I said, I know its because he is working so hard so I am not angry just really want some 🍆🍆🍆🍆 lol