Thoughts... Serious topic


I need y’alls thoughts on what to do and please no rude comments...

So last year I ended up having a mix up with insurance due to my dad never told me or notified me he was putting me on his insurance and I had gotten state insurance.. well with that being said I owe money to 2 different drs office and currently don’t have a job.. well the ob I went to to help get some answers on why I wasn’t getting periods now calls me constantly and basically harasses me telling me I need to pay them and makes appointments for me when I didn’t make one and I have to call and keep canceling well.. I’m almost out of bc and I still didn’t get answers as to why I wasn’t getting my periods and they are still irregular but this time I get a period every 4-7 days.. they wont let me come in nothing when I do wantt to make an appointment.. I’m on a pill that has no hormones due to a tumor on my liver which is my other question... should I try to find different ob office and liver doctor? I was supposed to get another MRI like next month and more testing but now I cannot as I owe them money and they wont see me for a tumor that can grow and KILL ME... its so fricken stupid when its my dang life on the line and I don’t know what to do anymore.. please help.