did I do the right thing?

so, the man in in love with and have been for a year now and I are having a baby. I'm due November 16th.. I already have three kids with someone else. and he has one son with another women whom he has no contact with, son or Ex. anyways, he was fine with me being pregnant at first.. now he's tried to say he will pay me to get an abortion and is claiming now that it's not his because he got his boys clipped after his first kid.. but, he's the only person I've been with. and I feel like he's trying to con me into having an abortion or just wants to be done with me.. He posted all over his Facebook saying how "She says she's pregnant and it's mine but my nuts are clipped ." and a whole bunch of other stuff that is just down right hurtful.. I saw it and confronted him about it and asked if that's how he truly feels and he said yes. that he's being honest with me and has had his nuts clipped. posted a pic of a scar on his leg.. from it. but, they don't go in the leg. they go through the balls.. and he's used condoms with me before. and said how I would eventually end up having his kid. so, I kicked him out. I told him that I want a DNA test done after the babies born to prove its his, I've been faithful to him. and he still fought me on it. saying it's not his. I told him that I'm stupid for thinking he cared for me. and he left today.. I blocked him off of Facebook. he moved the next day. hasn't spoke to me since. did I do the right thing?? or should I crawl back and ask him to move back in? I don't know how to live without him..he's my best friend.. he hasn't spoke to me since. nothing. so, he just doesn't want this baby. but I don't get why.. he's 27.. help..