Do you let your pets around kids?

I’m so thankful I don’t know many toddlers/kids that visit us on a regular or are friends/relatives with their parents. But my husband’s brother has a daughter, she’s 7. And by this time she for sure should know how to treat animals. Haha jokes on me, she doesn’t. Whenever she comes around it literally boils my blood, she’s so hyperactive and loud I wonder how her parents put up with that everyday, she’s literally tiring to be with. But that’s not the problem, I can put up with it every few weeks, no big deal, she’s not my kid at the end of the day. But the way she treats our dog makes me want to slap her right across her face, he literally runs away from her as soon as he sees her. He’s a small dog and very fragile, she keeps pulling him, pulling his tail, ears and he screams cause it hurts. And she keeps doing it. Her parents don’t do much about it, they’re just like “oh baby you can’t do that” well educate your kid properly that shit doesn’t work. I got really mad at her once and I shouted and her and she started crying. Couldn’t care less, my dog cries too when you pull his ears 🤷🏻‍♀️ cry as much as you want to, her parents didn’t say anything, they just watched. They have 3 dogs themselves, I don’t wanna know how she treats them.

I might come across as bitchy, but when it comes to my dog I don’t care who it is. Kids should be educated from a young age to respect animals. They’re not toys, they’re living creatures and if someone pulls your ears for sure you’ll start screaming too.

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