Need opinions!?!?!?!


Last week Thursday I got multiple positive pregnancy test’s so I called my doctor and an oncall doctor decided to do an ultrasound instead of a blood test to see how far along I was so yesterday I went in for my ultrasound, and the lady didn’t tell me anything beside it’s to early to see the baby yet, later in the day I got a email from the doctor stating that: Early ultrasound and The ultrasound shows that you have 2 small sacs in the uterus. This could be a sign of twin pregnancy. Since you are only 5 weeks it is very early for them to see the baby's inside the sacs and the heartbeat. We should get another ultrasound on you in 2 weeks.

So question is has anyone else had this response and it was twins? I’m baffled about being pregnant and now to learn that it might be twins makes it even crazier.

Thank you in advanced ladies!