Bleeding while pregnant?


Okay so I got what I thought I as my period on the 15th or March ended on the 20th which is regular for me . Than yesterday I wake up to what looks like another period

so I am beyond freaking confused this never happened to me two periods in a matter of a week so my paranoid ass decides to walk in to my clinic and find out what’s going on . At first they’re telling me just to wait it out but idk something in me was like “noooooo you guys need to find out what’s going on “

so I’m thinking I’m like having troubles with my ovaries noppppppppe I find out I’m PREGNANT! I’m just like how !!!!! Like I just had my period

On the day I was supposed to have it . I’m still bleeding not like a miscarriage but like a normal period just not as heavy I’m so confused and like scared has anyone gone through this ?