Preseed+Clearblue Advanced Digital=?


Hi Ladies!

So I’m totally aware that the pre-seed lubricant is just a lube that is fertility friendly so it doesn’t kill sperm. However, I know that many people have found some success conceiving while using this product.

My husband and I have been having unprotected sex for about three years. Not necessarily trying, but doing it whenever without protection. However, we just started actually “trying” this cycle and im about 7 days away from my period (we used preseed during my fertile window).

We been using clearblue advance digital after my last period ended, and got two negative days, two high fertility days, and then on cycle day 11, in the evening, i got the peak result. Ive also started taking prenatal vitamins at the start of my last cycle.

I am 28 years old (healthy) and my Husband is 36 (healthy). We dont have any children.

Id really love to hear any feedback from you ladies and look forward to reading them!

Feel free to leave any tips that benefited any of you during your journeys.

Ultimately, i know its timing.

Thanks ladies!!!