Should an employer advise a potential new hire that THEY are pregnant?


This is sort of a spin on the ‘do I tell them I am pregnant at the interview’ question.

I am currently reviewing resumes for an assistant position that would report to me. I am 14 weeks pregnant and not showing yet, due in September.. The position is entry level and most candidates graduate around May, so even if we made the hire now I would obviously be showing by their first day on the job.

I don’t think most people would turn down an opportunity they are interested in just because their manager will be out on maternity leave when they are 4 months in on a job... but do you think this is information a person has a right to know going in? Does it depend on the workload that the assistant would need to pick up?

I know how I feel about it, but I would love the CC perspective. Thanks in advance!

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