Anyone have tips on killing cockroaches????


Uhhhh guys😭🤢 so I grew up in this house, and ever since I can remember there have been cockroaches here (the German cockroaches) and I’ve asked my mom and she said it’s been infested ever since they bought the house when her family moved here from Mexico. I have NO IDEA why they didn’t do anything about it back then (maybe it’s a Mexican thing and they had uglyier shit over there) but UGH! I cannot stand these!

I live in the garage that they had converted into a studio/separate apartment type of room with a kitchenette and everything. And we’ve only lived here a little less than a year. And now the seasons are getting warmer here in Cali and that means all the baby’s are fully grown and making eggs 🤢🤢🤢

I rarely see them out and about in the day time but on Monday night my husband and I flipped over our dining table and sprayed poison around the bolts and stuff and killed about 5-10 ( much less than we did summer time last year) and we moved the fridge which we didn’t do last year. And killed about a hundred just bunched up under 😫🤢😫🤢😫🤢😫🤢 I wanna die after seeing that! We decided to leave it at that and clean out the cupboards (which I do monthly) today as well as flip over the couch and spray the legs and stuff (last time we did this in the summer we killed about 30. But ugh I’ve been up since 8 and have seen 4 just out and about in the day time like this.

It gives me so much anxiety having them around😭😭😭 and we can’t afford to move out any time soon. Other than this we make sure the dishes are done dried and put away, all out food is in ziplocks and trash gets tied up at night if it’s not thrown away. I have some bait under the sink. Idk what else to do! Last summer was so bad that we find one on us while we’re sleeping 🤢🤢🤢 I just want to prevent another late spring/ summer like that!!!🤢🤢🤢

Tiny update. Now that’s we’ve been trying more actively to kill them we’ve seen so many more “adolescent” cockroaches just spreading everywhere.