One night stand and now pregnant


Ok this is a terrible post and feel free to judge, I have judged myself. I met a gentleman we had sex the first time we were together (the chemistry was just there and intense) however he is two years younger than me never married no kids and not ever in love and he is 28. Very independent man, however I turned up pregnant. I told him about it and he has been to a few doctors apts with me and is wanting to try at a relationship. He hasn’t told his family I am pregnant (I am 14 weeks) and he only texts me here and there and we have seen each other a couple times since like dinner and a movie. Do I continue to hope he will fall in love with me and the idea of being a Dad? Or just go about my life and if he decides to really step up then talk to him then. He goes on vacations on the weekends with friends and barely makes time or effort to see me. Advise? Do men change and become wonderful committed fathers? I just see a selfish man who is clueless, scared, and lost. I have offered to take full responsibility for the baby and he “kindly refused” my offer.