Okay so... I really don't know if boys have something in which we (girls) know if they are virgins or not... 
There are many, thousand myths about it... 
And I think the best one is when the guys (can be you boyfriend, fiancé, husband) tell you about it.
My boyfriend told me when we first start dating (by that time we had sex just once) and I obviously felt terrible when I knew it... Because I was I virgin when we had sex for the first time... And he wasn't... I don't know it's a weird feeling. I felt kinda betrayed. And I didn't like the pint of not being the only one. It just gets me so upset! 
And sometimes when this kind o conversation comes up... I still feel sad sometimes and upset. 
What do you guys think? 
Is it normal to feel like this? 
What would you do in this case? 
Does anyone has this kind of situation too?