So thismorning makes it 5 days late, still feeling super weird. so yesterday I went to the hospital just to get a peace of mind, these home pregnancy test are confusing me, and that didn't really help much either. Urine rest was negative, which wirh it being the evening I was prepared for it. so then came the blood, HCG leve is at 18, they said I'm border line pregnant? lol. also to come back in Saturday to check my levels again as the should at least double if I were. Nothing came up on the ultra sound. So I left still so confused. No real answer. I took one this morning and it was negative. I dont underatand how I go from 3 positives, 4 negatives, a negative hospital test then a "maybe pregnant" HCG number. But still no period. I'm done stressing if I am I'll be so happy if not guess I'll to keep rryingg😋😉