Out of line boss

So I have a partime job and requested the weekend off about a month in advance for a wedding and graduation, unfortunately on the following Monday my grandpa was sent to the hospital for health complications (he's 91) and we all really thought it was the end so the whole family stayed there all day. I told my boss at 5 in the morning that I wouldn't be there for my 3 p.m. Shift bc of family medical reasons and she said since I was calling out "last minute again I'd need a note" but I have never called out the day of a shift ever! So my dad told me I didn't need any kind of note. They called me multiple times that Day and pressed me about details of the situation which I felt was so rude. When I showed up to work the next day, my boss told me to explain the situation again which I did (but shouldn't have had to) and she said "well where's your note?" And I said there was no way I could get one bc I was not a patient... And she said "then I need all of your grandpas information: his name, last name, hospital he's at, contact information to prove it" and I said "I don't have to give you any of that, I'm leaving it at a personal day." And she said I can't do that and she'll be asking for a note at my next shift which is today. So yestday I wrote my two weeks notice and left it for her to see today. But I'd just like to know... Am I crazy and she's right or is she totally overstepping boundaries??