Headaches and frequent bathroom visits


I have been off of my pills for almost two weeks. However I have had a massive headache for three days now. I had my BP checked and it was elevated yesterday and had it checked today and it was still up but not as high. I’m also going to the restroom like crazy! I took a PT Tuesday and it was negative and I think I had a period but my flow was extremely light and it lasted two days. It was so light I didn’t notice anything until i wiped. Now i don’t know how science works but i think my chances of being pregnant and getting pregnant two days before my cycle is due to come on is slim to none especially after being on BC. Idk if i should take another test or not but while we are trying to get pregnant...i don’t want to get another negative test. Am i just going crazy and these are symptoms of being off the pill or is there a slim chance i really could be pregnant?

And yes my BF and I need all of the baby dust we can get!!!!!!!