How do your guys react to lingerie? So me and my fiancé went on a small vacay and I thought it would be a good idea to get some sexy lingerie from V.S. I’ve never done it for a guy and I was a little self conscious about it.. When I came out of the bathroom I had a towel wrapped around me, he was looking at me like I had three heads but I dropped the towel and he kinda just stared.. Then I told him I was nervous and he said I shouldn’t be cuz I looked beautiful but that’s it.. He just looked so it made me feel even weirder so I went back in the bathroom and changed out of it.. I got a little upset because he didn’t make a move.. Was I over thinking? Should I have done something else? Help I need tips for next time I try this and maybe some examples of how your man reacts? Thanks in advance.. 😘