🐔 Blocked by Religion

Hey so I’m frazzled, how are you?

Yeah, so my boyfriend told me he was a virgin (we’re in our 20s). So it’s no big deal to mean, I think it’s sweet that he wanted to wait for “the right girl” (me, maybe). After that he was down to have sex with me, we never set like a date to go ahead and proceed; but we did talk about it a lot. He better understood that I have had experience. Cool. So after he got a concussion from football, he thought about getting closer to God (he felt like this before he got hurt). Now he wants to go all the way and wait until marriage. Like I respect him, but dammit! I want to wait with him, but I really wanna get my ankles knocked loose and I’m sexually frustrated AGAIN! I don’t want anyone thinking I’m being selfish, because he is the world to me and I do see a future with him. I just want to overcome this change and not be a big baby about it. Anyone been through this? Any helpful tips? Or if you want just yell at me.