Things you LIKE about your manager

So I will soon become the manager of my location. My boss, who owns the office, has made it clear to me and everyone else in the office that I will be taking over in about 6 months. Right now she is training me on how to be a manager as this is a position I have never held.

I have always held a position in my office higher than my peers. I have always worked hard on being a team player. Every night as we are closing I ask everyone individually what I can do for them to help get them out on time.

I am always the first one at work and the last one to leave!

.... but no one respects me. My boss claims that I am "too nice". I ask my peers to perform a task rather than tell them to take on the task. That my kindness shows a lack of confidence (šŸ™„).

Well stupid me, I tried to be more direct and now my peers hate me even more. They flat out tell me "no" when I give them a new task.

Help ladies!!! Any advice? What makes a great leader or manager in your eyes? What helps you gain respect for a leader?