So stressed out

Laysia • May25th 2018💙✨

I’m 30w+4 & I’m 21 years old... i feel like i need to be doing more with my life... i go to cosmetology school i used to work.(can’t anymore because I’m on bed rest) .. but i feel like i can be doing more ... i had my own place at one point but left after i broke up with my child’s father so I’m back at my moms it’s stressful because I’m on bed rest sometimes i feel like I’m relying on my gets stressful here sometimes i have her drive me to my appointments drive me to school get me food ect... i don’t drive because i have a fear of driving i panic freeze up & will cry behind the wheel ... i feel like I’m putting all this stress on my mom & it’s just stressing me... i feel weak... i feel like I’m a bad mom... idk what to do 😢 i cry about it daily it’s like i wanna be doing so much more i want to go to school to become an RN want to be working again... idk maybe I’m just over reacting i just wanna be great for my son.... & i feel like I’m failing him