My mother-in-law owns a house in my husband's hometown. It was her house, the house my husband grew up in, and she moved out of it about a year ago, but still owns it. It was left as-is, with dishes in the sink and trash in the trash can and furniture still sitting in it. After 9 months without being occupied, roaches and rats started moving in. She offered the house to us so that we would have a free place to live since we're expecting a baby in October. We thought it was a wonderful plan. She offered to fix the issues with it - no interior doors or door frames, shower leaked, needed new floors, etc. 
We had to vacate our apartment in April so we moved in to the house. The subfloor did get replaced, but that's all. It took weeks for her to get the rest of her stuff out. And then she didn't even help clean up the filth that was left. She had a ton of animals when she resided there and there was still animal feces caked to the floor. We cleaned as much as we could. The linoleum was never replaced. Then the a/c went out. We have no fridge, but the kitchen is such a disaster, we couldn't put it in anyway. I started having severe breathing problems after living in the house. My husband and I realized that the repairs weren't going to be finished by the time our daughter arrived - plus, without a/c and with whatever was causing my breathing issues, we just couldn't stay. So, we found an affordable house to rent. I woke up to a text from my mother-in-law telling us to "just get out" and that she'd go through my step son's mom to see him because she's "just done" with us. She helped pay for a window a/c unit after the central went out and she demanded that we leave it when we "split". I cannot, for the life of me, understand why she is being so hateful about this. It is a health hazard to stay here, for one. And aside from that, it's in such disrepair and filthy condition, there's no way we could bring a newborn here to live. She's acting like we've done something wrong. All she did was have the subfloor replaced. No other repairs have been done. And besides that, it's not like she's been paying for someone else's property to be renovated. It's her house, she owns it. Leaving it like it is is just a liability for her. So I don't feel bad that she spent anything on repairs for HER home that she's responsible for. I'm so hurt and upset that she's reacting this way. I feel as though she isn't concerned at all with her children or grandchildren's well-being and is more angry about us just not wanting to live in the house she tried to give us. Am I in the wrong here?