Pregnant Or Not???? Confused?!?!??!

Okay so my Ovulation was March 24th and days prior and on and a day after we had sexual intercourse....and these past few days I have had many of the pregnancy I decided to just take an ovulation test being that's all I had on hand and it came back positive so I thought omg I need to get a pregnancy test so I did and it came back negative....🤔 NOTE that at the end of my past ovulation it was negative....and last night I checked my cervix and it is open had closed after this past ovulation....then last night I had some pinkish discharge but no discharge at all today...My period isn't expected until April 12th/15th ish...I am sooooo confused...why would my cervix be open again when I haven't even had my next period yet to ovulate???? HELP!!!!!! ANY advice would be helpful as to what the heck is going on.... This is soooo confusing???? 😔