Pregnancy and the military

I've been active duty for 5 years, and had my daughter about a year and a half in. I got home around 7 months ago from deployment and my husband and I have been not trying but not preventing since. I had a positive test in Feb., but waited 2 weeks before going to medical. I was guessing I was around 7-8 weeks or so, but hadn't been very regular so the doctor did a vaginal ultrasound. He said he saw the gestational sac and that I was measuring around 5 weeks 2 days. I was happy with that knowledge and went on my way. Later that day I started bleeding. When I saw the bright red blood, I started crying and ran back to medical. The doctor confirmed that I was passing clots and most likely miscarrying. I was devestated. He gave me a sick in quarters chit for privacy, and i laid in bed for the next 2 days and barely ate. I had had 2 healthy pregnancies where I never even thought about miscarrying. I got home and picked up the peices. Three months later, I was late so I got tests and wasn't terribly surprised to see double lines. I haven't gone to medical yet, and haven't really told anyone either. I don't have any symptoms and I still have faint lines (because I have retested several times) even now at 6 weeks 2 days. I'm almost afraid to get excited or get my hopes up. Even though I'm not supposed to, I'm going to wait until I'm about a month further along before I go to medical. I feel like if I'm going to miscarry again, I don't want to have to look my chain of command in the eye over it. That's my story so far.