Call doctor?

Hey guys

I’m 20 and have been ttc for about 14 months. Ive used opks and preseed and prenatals. My opks are fine and s/o has cut back masturbating to once a day. I was thinking about going to see a doctor but I have no idea how to go about it.... I have Keiser and every time I go I have to pay a $50 copay.

Would I consult or try to set up a gynecologist or go to my primary? Also I’m kind of linked to my moms health care so I was wondering if it’ll bill to her house? I don’t want her finding out we’re ttc before marriage but I don’t depend on her anymore and do my own thing. I just don’t want her to know until I announce.

Anyone else have kaiser and have to copay like me? How much was it for tests and the consulting and visit at the end?

Thank you for any help and please no negativity unless it’s constructive :)