Help me find my birth mom I need all the help I can get!


Hey everyone!! This is a big community of women on here so I’m really hoping this gets bigger and I can find her but I need your help! I was born 03/01/2000 in Utah. My birth mom’s name is Renea (Or Renee pretty sure it’s Renea tho) Reynolds (her name could be changed by now if she is married). Renea Reynolds would have been about 19 five or take when she had me. Making her now about 37 or so. I was about 3 months premature and she gave birth in Utah making the adoption arrangements. She is originally from Reno Nevada. Elko Nevada is where my dad remembers her saying she was from. My birth dad wasn’t in the picture for her and it seems as tho the relationship was very complicated.

That’s about all I know about any of it I’m hoping you guys could help me out and he all hands on deck for this one. All I’m wanting to get out of this is health information. I’d like her to see a photo of my husband son and I and I’d love to see photos of her. But that’s only if she is willing for that. Please share this or like it I’m trying to get as many people to see this and help as possible. This is really important to me I’ve been working really hard to figure it out so please lend a helping hand in me finding my birth mother. 💕