6 weeks along


Hi, everyone! I just found out that I’m pregnant about a week ago. I’ll be 20 in July. I am definitely excited, but I am so overwhelmed and scared.... I know these first few weeks are essential to the healthy formation of the vital systems of the baby and that miscarriage is much more likely.... I don’t have much money, so I’m trying to figure out many things, like how to afford the expensive prenatal vitamins and folic acid supplements it is recommended that I take at this stage. I’m also trying to learn how my body will react to carrying a human in it right now... Are there any signs of miscarriage or anything I should keep an eye out for? How do I eat healthy and take my appropriate supplements on a limited budget? How do I make these two weeks until my first pre-natal appointment go by faster so that I don’t stress? I’m excited to be part of this online community, and hope that any of you will be able to guide me in this journey towards motherhood. I want the best for my baby, and I need to make sure I’m doing things right from the beginning to ensure the highest chances of health and survival in these early weeks. If you’ve gotten to the end of this post, thank you so much for reading through my crazy thoughts. Any and all advice is more than appreciated!