I'm not sure how to word this question so I'd just share a little story.

I'm having a great debate with a woman on fb about having men around your child, I know..touchy subject.

It started off with a mutual friend of ours sharing a photo to bring awareness of a man who did school drop offs and eventually tried to get physical with one of the girls.

The woman started off the comments by saying that she blames the mother, why couldn't she find a female driver and no-one is allowed near her child and so on and so forth.

I went on to say that maybe it was hard to find a female driver and maybe he came with great references, nobody ever really knows what a person is capable off, it's not like they wear an "I'm a pedophile" sign on their foreheads.

She came back with, "no man is to be trusted, all of them are sick and I don't even trust my man with my child so I don't ever let them out of my sight"

That didn't sit well with me, so I asked the obvious questions..why are you even with him if you don't trust him with your child? Why be with a man whom you think can be a pedophile? Why place a general label like that?

We went back and forth about our very different views, I share my history of molestation with her and she went on to blame my mother, saying that she was blind for trusting men and it's my mother's fault and the reason I trust my husband now is because I need him, I'm dependant on him, so I'll turn a blind eye to things.

I got extremely angry when she said this so I dismiss myself from the conversation and I just wanted to know you ladies' views on the matter.

Basically, I know anything can happen but shouldn't you at least trust the man you're with? I spent a couple years with my husband, dating before he even met my kids, I was getting to know him, learning to trust him and I feel I made the right decisions. I honestly feel I can trust him with mine and my babies lives.

Why be with a man you don't trust? Why even say he's your man, if he's not even allowed in your home, around your child because you don't trust him?

Why label him without reason?

I know it's long, sorry I'm a little irritated by her arrogance.