How "close" are you and your SO?

M • Loving life! ❤️✌️
Obviously we're all close to our SOs but if you truly think about how close are you really? How attached are you? What got me thinking about this is the fact that my husband is on a guy's camping trip and while some wives would enjoy the break I've been fighting back tears all evening, cuddling with his t-shirt, and missing him miserably even though he's been gone for less than 12hrs and will be back bright and early on Sunday! Pathetic I know...but honestly we've been together for almost 9 years now and have only been apart for a handful of days in that time. Sure we have our separate friends, interests, and lives, but we always connect at some point every single day. Even when we were just dating it was that way. Yes we have disagreements like every other couple but we never end a day angry and always end up cuddling in bed together every night. That's just us, pretty connected and attached at the hip 😝
So how are you and your SO? Every couple displays their love and devotion in different ways, that's ours so what's yours? I'm just curious to see how other couples interact, no judgements because like I said, we all have our own ways 😉