Genetic testing


So my first appt was at 8 weeks and they told me I could do genetic testing at my next appt (I’ll be 14 weeks) but that I needed to call first bc I’m only 28 and that my insurance probably won’t cover it. So it’s not covered and I called MaterniT21 and they quoted me 1100.00. So obviously I can’t afford that out of pocket.

I don’t get another ultra sound until 20 weeks, but my friend at 12 weeks got an ultra sound for a NT ultra sound to check, my doctor never mentioned that.. is it because my age and I’m not high risk? Is it common to get the NT ultrasound? Sorry it’s my first baby and I have no idea about all this. I keep reading about all these tests to get but I’m a little lost in it all..thanks in advance for any info. (:

My husband is adopted and we know nothing of his background so genetic testing would be nice. I did get an ultra sound the first appt but nothing else. They said my next appt will be a urine sample, standard blood draw, and a pelvic exam to get measurements, but nothing else about tests.