Period is 5 days late but no +


Ok ladies, I am over 5 days late which is so unusual for me. I usually start on the exact day or the day after (in the morning) every month, but this month I am 5 days late without any symptoms of starting. I’ve taken 2 HPTs yesterday and today and both are negative. I have SUPER sore nipples which is NEVER a symptom of mine for my periods. I’ve never had sore nipples and they are so sore to the touch I can almost not bare it. Have any of you ladies been this late with negatives and still pop up a BFP a few days-weeks later?? Really need some encouraging thoughts bc we have been TTC for months now without anything but these BFNs are really discouraging!

Update: 4/6/18

Still no period. Still no positive. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

Anyone else having better luck??

Update: 4/6/18 afternoon:

And the dreaded AF just arrived 😔 I feel like a failure...